Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1. village.

mood: looking for gud weather.
location: e210.
drinking: mineral water
listening: daoz's blabering

this picture being taken when our family went to our almost-forgotten village. since there nothing much left there, our step grandma passed away and many of her kids going to somewhere else,to more exciting and develop area, our family busy with many other things, the house seems sorrow. luckily, my mak ngah and pak ngah still at the village, they have plenty of time to look after the dusun. we also tried to korek2 story behind many things in the past few years and there many things to suprise on. here one of my favorite picture taken. for me it tells how times can build many thing also can ruin many things. enjoy ye.


  1. great! can u share the aperture and shutter speed that u used to take ths pic? the ISO also.

  2. aperture 5.6, shutter 1/160, iso 160.